It’s not really summer until you’ve made s’mores, is it? 

There’s nothing like tasting the ooey-gooey combination of toasted marshmallow, melted chocolate, and cinnamon-y graham crackers after spending a long day at the beach, on the lake, or at the local park. I mean, s’mores are basically our entire childhood summer wrapped up into one perfect (edible) package.

But as delicious as they are, making s’mores can be frustrating. I mean, how do you get that Hershey’s bar completely melted without turning your marshmallows into a charcoal-like substance?

Stuffed Puffs Is Taking S’mores to the Next Level



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After realizing this common dilemma, the makers of Stuffed Puffs decided to take matters into their own hands by creating chocolate-stuffed marshmallows. That’s right. These marshmallows are filled with chunks of rich milk chocolate that melt with the marshmallows – eliminating the need to scorch your mellows. Pretty genius idea, huh? (We’d like to think so.)

Tips for Making S’mores Indoors

If you’re sans campfire, don’t worry! You can still enjoy these tasty summer treats. Just set your oven broil, break your graham crackers in half, and line a baking sheet with what will be the bottom of your s’mores. Fill your crackers as you usually would (though, you may want to cut your stuffing in half so it doesn’t roll off the baking sheet!), and broil for two minutes or until your marshmallows start to golden. Take your tray of goodies out, add your top graham crackers, and bake for one more minute. Voilà! You have s’mores! 

Will you be trying Stuffed Puffs this summer? Let us know what you think in the comments section!