Get. In. My. Belly!

Updated on December 7, 2020:

The rumors were true! General Mills has officially confirmed that a Dunkaroos Cereal is happening—and it'll be able available come January 2021!

Original article from June 19, 2020:

Just in case you weren't excited enough that Dunkaroos are back on the shelves, word around the street is that this won't be the last we'll see of the favorite '90s treat. In fact, earlier this week, Instagram account @cereallife posted the first leaked photo of the box art for the rumored Dunkaroos Cereal.

According to the Instagram post (below), the Dunkaroos Cereal is "coming," but no official announcement or date has been released.

Now, nothing has been confirmed, but it can't hurt to be a little hopeful that this is real, right? I mean, while it does seem too good to be true, so did the fact that Dunkaroos were making a comeback—and look at what happened! So, we'll just have to wait and keep our fingers crossed we'll hear more soon.

From the looks of things, the new cereal seems to be a mix of graham cracker cookies with color specks, and don't seem that different from Pillsbury's Funfetti Cereal or even General Mills' Birthday Cake-flavored Cookie Crisp

Have you been able to grab a pack of Dunkaroos now that they're available in stores? How do you feel about the fan-favorite snack possibly becoming a new breakfast cereal? Let us know in the comments below.