Among the growing list of unique Starbucks secret menu items, fans of Tim Burton have created the "Beetlejuice" Frappuccino for the Halloween season! 

Since Halloween is fast-approaching, Totally the Bomb has been hard at work creating new, interesting coffee drinks, and the latest to hit the scene is a "Beetlejuice" Frappuccino! Though this unique concoction entered the scene especially for the Halloween season, it could be made year-round. The "formula" includes the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino as the base, mocha drizzle, and matcha powder. 

Just so you are aware, the item is available on the secret menu only (the term secret menu is used loosely since Starbucks employees won't know it off-hand), so you will have to say Beetlejuice three times to order it! (Just kidding; if you do that, your barista will likely roll their eyes and walk away).

We suggest wearing a Beetlejuice-themed outfit when ordering the drink so your barista will have a better idea of what you are ordering, but it's up to you.

Courtesy of Giphy

How to Order It:

  • First, ask for the mocha drizzle to be drawn in lines inside the cup.
  • Then, ask for the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino as the base.
  • Finally, ask for it to be topped off with Mocha Whipped Cream (vanilla + matcha powder). 

Beetlejuice Frappuccino

Courtesy of jamieharrington

You can expect the "Beetlejuice" Frappuccino to set you back roughly $7-$10, but won't it be worth it for your Instagram post?

Have you ordered this drink? What did you think of it? Would you drop $10 on a Frappuccino for the Halloween season? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!