"I am the Pumpkin King!"             

The Jack Skellington Frappuccino is not a regular Starbucks menu item and can only be ordered in person!

In order to get you into the Halloween spirit, popular blog site Totally the Bomb has brought us a fan-made secret menu item at Starbucks: the "Jack Skellington" Frappuccino. The drink is only available during the fall season because it requires pumpkin spice as the base.

Here's how to order the "Jack Skellington" Frappuccino:

  • Ask for a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino 
  • Add 1 shot of chai syrup 
  • Make it "dirty" with 1 shot of espresso
  • Ask for mocha drizzle around the cup
  • Top it all off with java chips sprinkled on the whipped cream 

On this one, the mocha drizzle sank down the sides really fast; we're not sure they did it right!

Have you ordered the "Jack Skellington" Frappuccino? How many stars would you give the drink? Tell us in the comments; we would love to know your ratings!