Add these to your next chicken sandwich run!

Strawberries and cream are a winning combo, especially as we enter springtime. So it's no surprise Popeyes, our fried chicken overlord, is bringing back a popular dessert fit for a picnic!

Strawberry & Cream Cheese Pies are back, and they'll be on Popeyes' menu for a limited time. The hand pies are not a new invention by the southern chain, having originally debuted at restaurants in 2013. But they were obviously compelled to bring them back again, and for that we are grateful. The dainty dessert features a hard shell crust stuffed with cream cheese and strawberry filling. Strawberries. Cream cheese. What's not to love?

Considering Popeyes' southern roots, the hand pie fits right in with other indulgent treats they've released throughout the years, among them Missippi Mud Cake, Mardi Gras Cheesecake, and those Chocolate Beignets from last fall. Not to mention their signature Cinnamon Apple Pies, which can be found at the drive-thru year-round.

Now, it would be weird to say Popeyes is underrated in any regard—the success of the Fried Chicken Sandwich speaks for itself—but when it comes to dessert there's an argument to be made. Wendy's has the Frosty, McDonald's has the McFlurry (and also apple pies), but what about Popeyes? Popeyes should be known for their pies. Gourmet and flavorful, they pair perfectly with the southern-fried fare they're known for.

These pies will be available for a short time, so pick them up at your nearest drive-thru today. You can also try their latest innovation, the Cajun Flounder Sandwich that's already making waves in the fast-food world.

Have you tried the Strawberry & Cream Cheese Pies from Popeyes? What's your favorite fast-food dessert? Tell us in the comments.