Tubs of the signature Dunkaroos frosting is heading to a grocery store near you.

Dunkaroos lovers are going to rejoice over one of Betty Crocker’s latest products. Feeding off the popularity of the popular '90s snack, the company has announced it will be selling 16-ounce tubs of the vanilla frosting in grocery stores. The frosting is one of five different seasonal products Betty Crocker is launching that includes cupcake and cookie mixes. The consumption of sugar has actually decreased during the pandemic, but more people than ever are baking at home. Betty Crocker hopes the new mixes will inspire people to try something new at home.

Dunkaroos returned to the shelves this summer after fans pleaded with the company on social media to bring it back. Discontinued in 2012, the snack packs with vanilla cookies and vanilla frosting with sprinkles were a favorite lunch box treat for millennials. After the successful relaunch of Dunkaroos, the brand has also launched a Dunkaroos breakfast cereal and a yogurt duo. The Dunkaroos Frosting by the pint puts an end to running out of the frosting before you finish the cookies.

An Instagram poll run by Betty Crocker found 97 percent of people said they have been baking more since being in quarantine. These new kits are meant to foster the public’s appetite for unique baking products.

 “We’re glad that consumers are re-discovering a love for baking during these strange times,” said Amanda Burlison, Senior Brand Manager of Betty Crocker. ”Our spring baking kits offer unique opportunities to find joy, connect with those you love and share sweet moments together.”

In addition to Dunkaroos Frosting, Betty Crocker is launching four seasonal kits:

dunkaroos frosting, betty crocker
Courtesy of Betty Crocker

Reese’s Pieces Surprise Cupcake Kit ($4.98): Create those surprise inside cupcakes with this new cupcake kit. It comes with a chocolate cake mix, Reese’s pieces in a special pouch, green frosting, and coordinating cupcake liners.

Hershey’s Kisses Blossom Cookie Kit ($4.98): This takes the traditional peanut butter blossom cookie and steps it up a notch with pastel sprinkles.

Giant Cookie Kit ($4.98): Make it an Easter to remember with this giant Easter egg cookie kit. It comes with egg imprinted parchment paper to help you make the perfect egg, as well as Easter-themed sprinkles and vanilla frosting.

Lemon Cookie Mix ($2.00): This adds a little twist to its traditional sugar cookie and creates the perfect lemon cookie mix.

All of Betty Crocker’s seasonal products will be available at grocery and big box stores beginning in February.