Repeat after me: "I am pumpkin. I am spice."

In a moment of pure creative genius, Starbucks has taken its social media game to a whole new level. The day before the Pumpkin Spice Latte is scheduled to come back, thus ushering in the autumn season as far as many PSL fans are concerned, Starbucks took to Instagram to unveil its fall hotline (1-833-GET-FALL), a magical gateway to exploring all-things-fall.


Fall is so close you can hear it. 📞 1-833-GET-FALL 🍂 [US + Canada]

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The phone menu gives you 9 different options, including:

  • Dial 1 to "head out on hayride"
  • Dial 2 to "practice your pumpkin mantras ("Repeat after me: 'I am pumpkin. I am spice.'" ... and "I am a pumpCAN, not a pumpCAN'T.")


  • Dial 4 to "hear flannel on repeat" (quite literally, the word "flannel" on repeat)


  • Dial 8 to "knit sweaters with Grandpa."

Give it a dial and go through the options! 10/10, we recommend! This will make your Monday glorious.

Are you planning to go grab a PSL tomorrow? Or maybe a pumpkin cream cheese muffin? What's your favorite part of fall? Tell us in the comments!