A refreshing brew, minus the hangover? Sign us up!

Non-alcoholic beer is on the rise, with brewers like Coors and Flying Dog expanding their predominately boozy offerings. Now, Stella Artois is hopping on the bandwagon with a beverage all their own.

This month, the brand is releasing an alcohol-free beer that's based on their original Stella Artois lager. The drink combines a "malt sweetness" and "crisp hop bitterness" that's deceptively similar to its happy hour counterpart. Each bottle is 11.2 ounces and features a revamped version of its signature label. But the real kicker? It contains 0% alcohol, which means you can sip it anytime—no need to worry about weathering a hangover the next morning!

"With this new innovation, we want to provide people the liberty to enjoy more of life’s special moments with those that matter most,” Anheuser-Busch's Vice President of Premium and Super Premium USA Peter Van Overstraeten said in a statement. “Liberté will give you the confidence to say yes to happy hour and make new memories over an ice-cold beer."

A press release highlights the brand's desire to make up for lost time during the pandemic by crafting a drink that'll preserve life's moments, both big and small.

"As people start traveling and going out more, Liberté gives you the freedom from missing a beat enabling you to stay in the moment longer and later, the option to say yes to one more round and the confidence to be present," their website says. "Gone are the days of limiting yourself—Liberté allows you to quench your thirst while keeping your cool all night and savoring life, together."

We like the sounds of that! Granted, you'll still need to be at least 21 years of age to purchase it, but it's a great option for those who don't drink or wish to cut their alcohol consumption. Put them next to a bottle of the real thing, and we bet no one would be able to tell the difference!

Stores on the East Coast, specifically in Washington, D.C.; Miami; Philadelphia; and New York will get it first before it filters through the rest of the country. Until then, you can locate your nearest store here.

What do you think? Does non-alcoholic beer compare to the real thing? Sound off in the comments!