The guest house and garages are all connected to the main house, via underground.

With room for three cars in the attached garage, three cars in the detached garage, and up to 12 cars in the underground "batcave," this D.C. dream home is absolutely over the top. Plus, in addition to the ample storage for all your grown-up toys, there's also every other amenity that you can think of: gym, movie theatre, office, pool, art room, and more! 

Take a Look Inside:

There is enough brown in this kitchen to pack a lunch ... seriously, it's on the floors, walls, ceiling, appliances, and furniture. 


Can we say, rustic? I never want to leave this living room!

Living Room

Living Room Part 2

Game Room

Your office is so fancy it has its own seating area! #luxury

Office/Seating Space


Behold ... the ultimate bathroom! It speaks for itself!

Master Bath

Master Bath Part 2

The walk-in closet has its own set of stairs ... can life get better than this? 

Walk-in closet

Laundry Room

Look! There is a handy-dandy guy for you to punch after a hard day of work! 



Now, this is a Game of Thrones binge-worthy room!

Movie Theatre

We have finally reached the best part of the home ... just look at them neatly placed in a row! 

Bat Cave

The previous owner really thought this through; you can't have a Batcave without a repair station!

Bat Cave

And here's the entrance to the Batcave:

batcave entrance

I have not seen this much style in a backyard since ... well ... never! #win


Three Car Garage

You can find this impressive home at 9005 Congressional Ct, Potomac, MD 20854 – Check out the listing at Christie's International Real Estate!

**All photos courtesy of Christie's International Real Estate

What is your favorite feature of the home? How many cars will you put in the batcave? Tell us in the comments.