Main & Market Cafe is a place of true perfection.

A sit-down restaurant with that cozy cafe vibe, Main & Market has it all.

With wire tables (a la Italian street-dining) in one section, you could also elect to sit at the short countertop next to a glass display case of their homebaked goods. Muffin flavors change daily, and their cakes are tall with lots of layers and decadent frosting.

I sampled their coconut cake. A cake baker myself, I have a tendency to get picky about texture and frosting. If it's so sugary that your teeth hurt, it's too sweet! But at Main & Market, there wasn't a dry crumb in sight, and the frosting flavor was just right. Verdict: delicious!

Courtesy of Main & Market

But I'm getting ahead of myself by starting with dessert! I've been here for both lunch and breakfast, and I can tell you that both are fantastic.

The breakfast burrito is my favorite on the morning menu: it's flavorful without being too spicy. It's got all the morning essentials -- eggs and bacon -- and that chipotle pepper tortilla adds a lovely splash of color to the plate. The best part? This one comes with the hash browns, which are fried and crispy without tasting too fast-food-ish.

Breakfast at Main & Market, Courtesy of Main & Market 

The lunch menu has a great variety. It's got the classic all-American offerings (like hamburger and fries), but also includes the local flavor with a crab cake sandwich. It even gets a little fancy with the entrees: you've got herb-crusted salmon or margarita pesce. Dinner is where things get really posh: you can indulge in meals from truffle filet to pistachio farfalle. Yum.

Truffle Filet, Courtesy of Main & Market Facebook

Right next door to the restaurant is their catering office. Main & Market caters all kinds of events. You can schedule a consultation for your wedding or corporate event, or you can order food for a family gathering. Basically, Main & Market can fulfill all your needs, whether it's celebrating the holidays with your co-workers, meeting your girlfriends for mimosas and brunch, or toasting the newlyweds during the reception!

Main & Market is located at 914 Bay Ridge Rd., in Annapolis.

Have you been to Main & Market before? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments!