If you're looking for some good Thai food, but you're still stateside, look no further than Lemongrass!

This Annapolis local restaurant has a full bar, tasty Thai offerings, and a modern vibe. With two Annapolis locations (one downtown on West Street and the other out on Housely Road), you'll never have to wait long to get your fix at Lemongrass

I personally love the downtown location. It's on the outskirts of Main Street in the Annapolis Arts District, so the walk to and from the actual restaurant feels trendy. And the exterior of the building stays true to its name: it's painted lemon yellow!

Shrimp Pad Thai, Courtesy of lemongrassannapolis.com

Now for the menu.

I've tried a few things on it: pineapple fried rice (yum!), green curry with chicken (super spicy), and the pad thai. Honestly, the chicken pad thai takes the cake. It's the perfect amount of flavorful -- you get the nuttiness from the peanuts, a slight flavor of onion from the fresh scallions thrown in, and a lime on the side for a spritz of sour. It's almost impossible not to eat the whole plate no matter how full you are. I've gone to Lemongrass with friends who are tentative eaters and friends who are adventurous, and they have all loved this dish. If you're in the area, go for it! At $12.95 for dinner, the pad thai will fill you up and satisfy you without breaking the bank. You will not be sorry!

Have you been there? Plan to go soon? Annapolis, tell us what you think of Lemongrass in the comments below!

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