Social distancing for sushi? We'll take it!

Cue the angel choir! On Monday, June 8, Hapa Sushi will be open for dine-in services at 50 percent capacity at its various Colorado locations! This means you get to enjoy all their suggestively-name sushi rolls inside!

A sign that things are returning to "normal" is that our local restaurants are opening back up and allowing diners the chance to actually sit and enjoy a meal, instead of having to rely on takeout or delivery. One of the best parts about going out for sushi is the atmosphere of the restaurant itself, which makes Hapa's reopening all the more special. 

There are, as you can imagine, certain stipulations to this reopening:

  • Reservations need to be made and all have a 90-minute time limit.
  • The patio will be open and umbrellas will be provided. 
  • Masks are required when walking around the restaurant (such as to go to the bathroom) but not when seated at a table.

These are baby steps, yes, but we've come a long way since restaurants across Colorado were collectively shut down and restaurant workers were laid off in droves. In time, more places will re-open and at a larger capacity.

So if you weren't the type to make reservations prior to dining out, it's time to get used to calling ahead or visiting and help get restaurants up and running again.