The New Jersey locale offers the ultimate Oreo experience.

How many ways can you eat an Oreo? Over 200 at the first-ever Oreo Café, located in New Jersey. The 3,500-square-foot café, which I'm sure featured in at least some of our childhood dreams, opened yesterday on the third floor of the IT'SUGAR candy department store in the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The store, which is decked out in that classic Oreo blue and features a massive Oreo chandelier, doubles as both a cafe and a retail store. You can buy all kinds of Oreo swag, from an Oreo pillow upon which to dream your sweet Oreo dreams to Oreo slippers, to remind you what midnight snack you're craving as you shuffle to the kitchen. 

And you can order just about any Oreo-inspired treat you can think of. According to Delish and Mashed, the novelty cafe offers waffle sundaes with Oreo chunks baked into the cone, an Oreo Cookies & Cream cheesecake, and "Twist Your Oreo," a sort of choose-your-own-adventure where you can create your own Oreo ice cream sandwich or milkshake with a choice of 17 "Oreo-themed toppings."

There's even a secret menu, with Oreo teasing on their social media accounts, "P.S. We made an exclusive secret menu item for our followers. Ask for the OREO Donut S’Morewich." 

While the brand-new joint is already serving up mixed reviews, the one-of-a-kind cafe will probably remain a point of pilgrimage for true Oreo disciples. 

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