Purchasing gift cards is a great way to support your favorite restaurants!

March 2020 is making people rethink parts of their routines. From working out to lounging around, people stuck inside are exploring new routines and finding new ways to support the restaurants they love. 

While social distancing has seen a lot of people turn to ordering delivery as a way of supporting their favorite eateries, not every restaurant is equipped to deliver.


Even if they may not be seating guests, these restaurants are still very much in business. Purchasing a gift card is a great way to support your local businesses and get plans in place after they return to regular operations. Most restaurants already include an option to purchase gift vouchers online, and those that don't are exploring the most effective ways to ensure that their guests can pre-purchase dining experiences for the summer. 

The Piper Inn, for example, is offering gift cards up to $1,000. This gem of Denver dining offers a fusion of western and Eastern food with a menu full of exciting hot wing sauces. While they are still evaluating the best model to deliver their zesty food to customers, they stress that gift cards can be redeemed at any time and will always have their full value honored. 

Foodies looking for more Italian flare can grab Pizza Republica gift cards, which can be redeemed at either of the fine-dining venue's locations. The restaurant is already thinking about exciting menu options to debut when they can seat customers again, meaning that gift cards represent a great chance to explore some of their menu's new and exciting options! 

If you're looking to plan an exciting evening during the summer, 20 Mile Taphouse's gift cards can be redeemed for food AND beer. Read that again: you can pre-order a night at the bar, show up, and not have to worry about your tab! The only drawback is that the anticipation might make the wait seem longer. 

Changes to restaurant policy mean that a lot of plans and celebrations have had to reschedule. Surprising your friends with restaurant gift cards, especially ones who may have to move birthday or graduation parties, is a great way of both cementing future plans and a reminder that you're thinking of them. Remember, changes to restaurant policy don't mean you have to miss out. Instead, they can be an invitation to explore new eateries that you might otherwise miss. 

If you know of any local favorites or hidden gems that you'd like to support, make sure to let us know in the comments! We're always looking to showcase Denver's unique food culture and will be featuring more of these locations in future articles!