Yup, it's coming to that!

In case you've missed it, COVID-19 is sweeping the nation and the globe. Events are canceling, places of work are closing, school is canceled. Your gym isn't immune, your race isn't immune, you are not immune. 

You're probably reading about "social distancing" and how you should stay at home. Fitness freaks are probably worried about how they're going to stay in shape within the confines of their own four walls. (To quote Ariana Grande, "your hip hop yoga class can [sic] wait i promise.") And look, I'm worried too! And while stepping outside to get a run in is probably not going to hurt (although I'm not a doctor or a scientist so please don't 100-percent trust me on this), it's probably best to limit your (and others') exposure.

Here's how!

Indoor Cardio Without Equipment

Not everyone's got a Peloton, so try this instead...

1. Go Old Fashioned

Jumping jacks. Yup, that's it. That's the workout. They burn about 100 calories in just 10 minutes, get your heart rate up, and crush those quads. Now, I don't recommend pounding out jumping jacks for 30 minutes. That would hurt your joints, and that would also hurt your brain—it's boring! So spice it up with a circuit workout.

Do 30-60 seconds of jumping jacks. Go as hard and as fast you can. Rest for about 30 seconds, do a minute of a strength exercise (push-ups? tricep dips?), rest, repeat. Maybe switch the jumping jacks out with some jump rope or jogging in place.

Got some stairs? Run up and down 'em!

Burpees. They're a nasty little full-body blast. Start in a standing position, squat to the ground, jump your feet out until you're in a pushup position. And then do a pushup before jumping back up to a standing position. Yup, they're rough, so go easy on these.

2. Hit up YouTube.

Kickboxing can easily be done without equipment. You don't need a bag or gloves or even a whole lot of space. And you can do a pretty solid routine with some of these links:

This one combines a little bit of dance if you're into that. Don't be self-conscious! You're in the safety of your own home, after all!

I've used this one before! I definitely felt it afterward!

This one is called "Kickboxing Boot Camp"! Sounds tough and is definitely the longest routine of these three.

3. Go Tabata.

Tabata is a short, intense workout routine. It originated in Japan and is a lot like a HIIT workout. You go as hard as you can for a burst of 20 seconds and completely rest for 10. You perform each exercise for a total of four minutes. Choose four different exercises. So, ideally, a tabata workout is only about 16 minutes of pure work. You can design it yourself by picking each exercise. Here's an example: pushups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks (those again!), stairs. Or you can turn to YouTube for ideas again. Tabata is intense, so maybe only turn to this one once or twice a week.

Do you have any indoor workouts you like? Share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the comments! We're going to need to work together (at a distance!) to get through this.

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