Diners have reported shortages of sauces, meat, even tortillas.

Next time you visit Taco Bell, you better prepare yourself for disappointment. The fast-food chain has been having problems keeping the fridges stocked with ingredients, making it difficult for stores to keep up. A banner on the Taco Bell website blames the shortages on transportation issues and warns diners that popular menu items might not be available. People on social media have reported finding stores closed in the middle of the day.

Taco Bell has not commented on the closures.

The coronavirus has stunted supply chains in every industry for the past year. Earlier this year, restaurants were having trouble buying individual sauce and ketchup packets to keep up with the volume of carryout orders. The root cause of Taco Bell’s problem seems to be getting the food to the stores. A shortage of truck drivers has impacted fuel deliveries at gas stations and airports in the west and impacted deliveries of all kinds across North America.

“Sorry if we can’t feed your current crave. Due to transportation delays, we may be out of some items at your local restaurant," says Taco Bell.

The shortages come right as the chain is releasing two new products, loaded taco fries and flatbread tacos. The most common item missing in action has been taco sauces, but diners have also reported outages of ground beef, chicken, and even tortillas.

Restaurants of every type have had trouble finding workers and have had to limit hours and seating during the busy summer season.

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