A deal with Comcast and DISH Network has yet to be made.

After two months of not having the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche on our television screens, a deal has finally been struck with Altitude Sports and DirecTV. Can we get an amen?!

Below is a statement made (via Twitter) by Jim Martin, president and CEO of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, Altitude Sports' owner:

An agreement was made on Thursday, officially ending the two-month blackout. The financial terms of the deal have not been made public.

However, while a deal was struck with DirecTV and Altitude Sports, there's been no word on Comcast and DISH Network. According to reports, the two providers say that Altitude Sports is demanding too much money, whereas the sports network is saying that it's working on a deal that will make it "fair to both sides".

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Altitude Sports' contracts with DirecTV, Comcast, and DISH Network expired back in August, which left customers of those three providers without the ability to watch the Nuggets and Avs on TV.

Not sure about you all, but at least some progress is being made. We're just glad that we can enjoy the Nuggets and Avs on our television screens once again! Hopefully, a deal can be struck between Altitude Sports and the other two providers in the near future, as well.

The Nuggets are currently 3-2, while the Avs are 8-2 (at the time of writing).

What do you think of Altitude Sports coming back to DirecTV, but not Comcast and DISH? Sound off in the comments below.