The new "Washington Football Team" name might be here to stay.

Back in July, the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins announced they were using a new, temporary name for the 2020 season. However, it looks like that new name could be here to stay.

Dan Snyder, a majority owner of the Washington team, sent an email to the Wall Street Journal earlier this week saying the name “Washington Football Team” could become the franchise's permanent name.

“Sure it’s possible,” said Snyder. “If the Washington Football Team name catches on and our fans embrace it then we would be happy to have it as our permanent name. I think we have developed a very classy retro look and feel.”

Although the Washington Football Team ditched its controversial former name, it kept its iconic burgundy and gold colors for the 2020 season. Instead of the Redskins logo, players’ helmets have their jersey number painted in gold on the side. Their uniforms simply say “Washington.”

Snyder was pressured by sponsors to change the team’s name back in July. According to him, the Redskins name had “increasingly become a distraction from our primary focus of football.” The new team name, the Washington Football Team was set as a temporary solution until the franchise chose a more permanent name.

However, the Washington Football Team faced many setbacks in their search for a new name. People began filing trademarks for over 30 of the team’s potential names in hopes of receiving money in exchange for the franchise's right to use the names. This has pushed the team’s decision back, forcing them to potentially consider alternate options.

“We want our future name and brand to stand for something that unifies people of all backgrounds and to continue to be a source of pride for the next 100 years or more,” said Snyder.

So, how do you feel about keeping the name Washington Football Team? Does it bring you a sense of pride in your home team? Let us know in the comments!