Here comes the bride, all dressed in ... donuts?!

Just how much do you love Dunkin'? The multinational coffee and donuts brand want you to prove your love for them (not unlike certain of our exes)—by which we mean, they've dropped a new merch line for absolute ride-or-die fans. Because if you love coffee and donuts, why don't you marry them? Or get married in them, at least. 

The new merch line features everything a Dunkin' stan could want, and much more. For the happy couple whose primary shared interest is Dunkin'-branded coffee and donuts, consider the This Bride/Groom Runs on Dunkin tumblers, or the He/She Knows My Dunkin' Order tees. If you and your beloved love nothing more than to hang out at Dunkin' with your friends, you can tell the gang about your upcoming nuptials through the I Do Crew” Tumbler + Invite. And if you'd love to get brand-name duds for your special ceremony, Dunkin's got you with the Dunkin' Pattern Bowtie and Your 'Something New:' Dunkin’ Veil. (Honestly, for wedding garb, they're kind of a steal.) 

If any of you crazy kids want to get married in Dunkin' merch, knock yourselves out. It's 2021, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are happily dating, Elon Musk just surpassed Jeff Bezos's billions of dollars with even more billions, and Gen Z is canceling skinny jeans—go crazy! 

Would you buy Dunkin's wedding merch? More to the point, would you get married in it? Let us know in the comments.