Everyone's a fashion critic when the Olympics are on.

The Olympics Opening Ceremony brought the entire world together for one magnificent event. However, viewers were less focused on sports and more focused on each country's fashion choice. Check out what the fashion trolls have been saying about the Olympics Opening Ceremony uniforms.


As one of the world's iconic countries for fashion, Italy came to the Olympic stage with an outfit fit for PacMan, Babybel, and Sbarro.


Since arriving on the stage at the 2016 Olympics, Tonga's uniform (or lack thereof) has oiled its way into fans' hearts. This year was no exception and fans all over the world are asking if COVID restrictions have been lifted so that they can visit the hot island nation.


Hold the flag. It looks like Tonga has some competition. This year, Vanuatu came for the gold in shirtless flag-bearing and fans are riled up. 


Team Paraguay came in repping its country, but some wondered if they were repping a barbershop quartet instead. 


Bermuda rocked the Bermuda shorts, acing their Olympics homework assignment. Well played Bermuda, well played.


Now Latvia, on the other hand, may not have understood the assignment. Fans are praising them for the best Eurovision and space outfits. 


Brazil, the former host of the Olympics brought the fire. Fans all over the world praised them for rocking the flip flops and truly representing Brazil.

United States 

Every Olympics Ralph Lauren designs the US team's uniform, and every year the team looks like a preppy villain from an 80s movie. Check out what the masses are saying about Team USA's Newport vacation outfit. 

What do you think about the Olympics Opening Ceremony outfits? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!