The 2019 trend is back to save winter fashion (again).

#StickofButter was born when Harling Ross, former Brand Director of the (no longer updated) fashion site (Man) Repeller, got "dressed on a chilly winter morning" and, looking in the mirror, "realiz(ed) I resembled a stick of humanity’s most beloved condiment, spread, ingredient, still life inspiration and table mainstay: butter." And just like that, a movement was born.

Although Ross's delightful piece, The Best Winter Style Hack Involves Lots and Lots of Butter, was published in February of 2019, the movement (yes, we're calling it a movement) is alive and well. (And has spawned delightful spin-offs, like Oat-Milk Dressing. No white after Labor Day? Forget about it.) And in 2021, it's back to save us from boring winter fashion (again). 


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Why butter? And just how does one begin to dress like everybody's favorite condiment? Ross writes:

"I realized this approach conveniently unites four key factors of interest: a food that makes even the most mundane foods taste like edible nirvana (see: pasta, bread, eggs)...; a viable social media hashtag (search #stickofbutter and in you’re in for a treat); an incredibly easy formula (all you have to do is combine your favorite white, ivory, yellow and taupe clothes and poof!); and a reprieve from the doldrums of typical winter dressing (which often involve lots of utilitarian drabness)."

If you're still unconvinced, look no further than Instagram. #StickofButter is still being regularly posted from around the world, from individuals and fashion brands alike. We've collected our favorite looks here, but if you find yourself inspired, there's still a whole world of stick of butter scrolling available to you.


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These neutrals are as lawful and lovely as it gets.

Stick of Butter doesn't have to be cozy core—it can also be sleek and retro, like this Desperate Housewives-inspired outfit.

Girlthrifted walks the fine line between cuddly winterwear and chic streetwear so well, thanks to that crisp silhouette and cozy details. 


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The cutest stick of butter we've ever seen!

As Ross writes, "So what are you waiting for? The #stickofbutter gang awaits with open arms and well-greased hearts."

Which #StickofButter look inspires you? Tell us in the comments how you'll be wearing this winter trend.