A quick list of places where you can buy your masks for the mandatory face-covering order in Denver.

As Denver moves to lift the stay-at-home order on Friday, the city moves to the safer-at-home phase where certain businesses will open. The social distancing guidelines will remain in place adding to it a mandatory mask order that requires people to wear masks in public settings.

But where can you buy a mask if you haven't gotten one yet? Masks and PPE are still hard to come by and some have had to resort to wearing a bandana or a cloth around their faces instead.

Thankfully, there are a few local businesses that have taken it upon themselves to manufacture masks during times of shortage.

One of them is Dardano's Shoes in Denver. In its warehouse, where they used to do shoe repairs and complete internet sales, the staff switched their daily tasks in order to make masks. The same applies to the staff in the Lakewood warehouse.

Dardano's masks come in one size and in unisex patterns or patterns considered more feminine. The masks cost $16 and they sell very quickly. Dardano's aims to have an order ready by the next day for curbside pickup. They also provide free shipping for economy shipping.

Another option is The Hidden Treasure 2 in Longmont. The arts and crafts consignment shop has taken it upon themselves to make thousands of masks and give them away for free or as a donation. To make an order, you can email or call the shop at (780)-340-9951 to ask for details on ordering and pickup.

At the Colorado Mask Project, local partners like Knotty Tie, Moore, and Topo Designs are making and distributing masks. On their website, you can select if you need the supplies to make your own mask, if you wish to purchase one, or if you'd like to volunteer.

Here's an additional list of masks retailers around Colorado you can order from:

Other franchises stores in Denver are carrying masks distributed by J&K Distributors. In convenience stores like Conoco, you can buy a package of 6 disposable facemasks for $15.

Know of any other local businesses making masks? Let us know in the comments.