Enjoy 70 days of immersing yourself in cultures and sights. 

Dreaming of something other than the typical week-long vacation? Then pack your bags and get ready for a bus ride of epic proportions.

Adventures Overland has brand new, never-before-organized bus trip that will start in Dehli and travel for 70 days to its final destination of London. It hopes its new offering will bring back the mid-century journeys that often went from London to India. 

"Before it all began, and India gained the attention of the Western tourist seeking a slice of ‘oriental mysticism’, there were two kinds of overland travelers on these routes – those who took organized bus tours like Indiaman, Albert, Silver Express etc. and then there was the Hippie Trail. Hordes of young men and women packed themselves in “magic buses” and traveled overland from Europe to Asia, in search of ‘enlightenment’," said the trip website

Travelers will enjoy the trip in a luxury liner bus, complete with seat adjustment options, legroom, USB port access, Wi-Fi, individual entertainment systems, and more. So, they can definitely enjoy the sites in comfort as they travel through 18 countries and over 12,427 miles.

bus route
Courtesy of bustolondon.in.

"As part of the journey, you will explore thousands of pagodas in Myanmar, meet rare species of Giant Pandas in Chengdu, hike the Great Wall of China, visit the historic cities of Bukhara, Tashkent & Samarkand in Uzbekistan, and cruise on the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. You will unwind in historic European cities such as Moscow, Vilnius, Prague, Brussels and Frankfurt before concluding the journey in London. After reaching London, the bus will embark on its maiden journey back home taking the same route to reach India," said the site.

It's slated to start in May 2021, so hopefully all the COVID-19 restrictions will allow the journey to embark. And after months of isolating and staying home as much as possible, this may just be the perfect way to spread your wings!

If this sounds like your kind of travel, you can check out more about the trip at bustolondon.in