Audi shows off its new electric supercar!

The all-new Audi AI: RACE—sometimes referred to as the PB-18 E-Tron—is more than just good looks. It might just be the most technologically advanced vehicle ever produced.

Beginning with its moveable driver's seat that allows the driver to center themselves in the middle of the car, the new Audi electric supercar is definitely a driver's car. Then, its performance figures confirm it—0-62mph is estimated to take about 2 seconds, and its top speed is 186 miles-per-hour. As for charging, the vehicle's 800-volt charging system takes about 15 minutes, or it has the capability to charge wirelessly via an induction mat. How's that for futuristic?

audi ai race

Sources say that only 50 of these vehicles will be produced and likely won't reach consumers. But if it's any indication of what's to come, let's just say people will be pretty charged. 

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