Talk about a "cool" camping spot!

Coloradans don't let the snow keep us down—we are known to go hiking, skiing, and camping year-round, no matter the weather. But chances are that not many have had the opportunity to camp during winter in the way that Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is offering. 

At Mancos State Park, near Mesa Verde in southwest Colorado, CPW has built an igloo at one of the camping spots in the park, and it's welcoming you to stay a night under the winter stars.

The igloo can hold up to three people and is located near a fire pit and picnic table, so you can make a whole outdoor vacation out of it that is perfect for travel in coronavirus times. The structure was designed and tested for safety by park staff.

According to the Durango Herald, the igloo was formed by a special tool. 

"The Mancos igloo was formed with the assistance of the Icebox igloo tool, which essentially is a “three-sided box” with a center pivot pole to measure an exact circular shape ... Snow is packed into the box to make the blocks used for the igloo’s construction, and the pole is shortened as the igloo grows taller, since the higher layers have a smaller diameter," said the Herald report

If you love snow, winter, and cool experiences in more ways than one, this igloo costs only $18 per night or $126 per week. But you'll need to hurry if you want to book this year! While southwest Colorado has been getting quite a bit of snow and cold this winter, once the weather starts warming up your chances to stay will literally melt away. 

The spot is located at site #24A in the park, and you can check out its availability on the campground reservation page of the CPW website.

What do you think? Would you stay in the igloo? Have you stayed in an igloo before? Let us know in the comments.