The magic of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary will last 18 months!

The wonderful world of Disney opened the doors to its Orlando theme park on October 1, 1971. Therefore, this fall marks 50 years since the magic all started, and Walt Disney World is celebrating with a lot of faith, trust, and pixie dust. 

In honor of its 50th anniversary, Disney has named its party, "The World's Most Magical Celebration," and it is definitely expected to be a spoonful of sugar with some cherry on top. As part of the celebration, each of Walt Disney World's four Orlando theme parks will undergo a royal makeover that will transform each park's iconic landmark into "Beacons of Magic." Essentially, these landmarks will look as though they have been touched by Tinkerbell's pixie dust and illuminated in glitter. The illumination will be so magical that Disney has even created a new word to describe the sight: EARidescence. 

"This milestone is such a big deal, we’ve even coined a new word—"EARidescence"—to describe what you’ll see when you visit," the Walt Disney World Resort announced. "Our Disney teams are creating all sorts of new decorations that will shimmer and sparkle all day and into the night."

Disney World Parks in Glitter

Courtesy of Disney

Cinderella Castle will illuminate the entire Magic Kingdom as it glitters with hints of pixie dust. The castle will also be decorated with ornaments and feature a new 50th-anniversary crest and some gold trimming. Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life will also join the celebration by lighting the night sky with glowing lightning bugs and the terrifying Tower of Terror will relieve its prime moments in lights, camera, and action. Epcot's Spaceship Earth will feature new lights that will sparkle across the iconic ball's reflective panels to resemble stars in the night sky. According to Disney's website, Epcot's transformation is the only one that is planned on being a permanent change to the parks. 

To join the celebration, Mickey and Minnie will also pull out some of the most magical outfits from their closet. As hosts of the event, the iconic couple will wear glorious shares of EARidescent purple and teal, with hints of dazzling gold. 

Mickey and Minnie wearing purple, gold, and teal

Courtesy of Disney

The entire celebration is set to launch on October 1, 2021, and lasts for 18 months, giving Disney fans enough time to partake in the festivities. The incredible minds at Disney are simply waiting to share their magic with the world, but they are not done planning yet. More exciting activities, events, and magic will be announced as the park ramps up for its party. To stay in the know and receive the most updated information about the world's most magical celebration, visit the event's website. Once on the site, scroll a quarter of the way down the page and find a gold bar. Here, you can sign up to receive emails about any future updates regarding the festivities.

Are you excited about all of the new magic happening at Walt Disney World? Will you be taking a trip to celebrate the park's 50th anniversary with Mickey and Minnie? Let us know in the comments.