A little bit of work and a little bit of play, the “flexcation” may be here to stay. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things, and for many people, work, school, and family life are not the same. A large portion of the workforce has relocated to home-based offices, kids are home on remote school, and as months meld into each other, a change of pace is needed. Enter the concept of a "flexcation", the new pandemic travel trend.

A new hybrid that is neither staying at home nor going on vacation, the flexcation is a setup where people are renting vacation homes and short-term rental properties and setting up camp there to work for a while. Since remote classes and work from home allows for one to work one side of the world and be physically on the other, this trend has grown increasingly popular since the pandemic began. Part work, part vacation, the flexcation has given new meaning to the meaning of remote office.

And this new lifestyle has brought a lot of visitors to Colorado over the last few months, and it doesn't seem like it will be stopping anytime soon. Colorado has plenty of locations perfect for a flexcation, big resorts and small businesses alike have seen a steady flow of business in recent months.

Despite the tourism bureau not promoting travel in Colorado during the pandemic, people are still flocking to the Centennial State. In fact, the appeal to come to Colorado has caused two local Airbnb’s to become trending spots for travelers. Both Steamboat Springs and Breckenridge have become top destinations during the pandemic.

And it's not all out-of-state visitors either, plenty of Coloradans are taking the opportunity to spend some time in their favorite in-state locales.

The idea of the flexcation has gotten so much attention and positive reaction that it is becoming a big marketing point for local business. Estes Park, for example, is offering several options for mountain flexcations; Forbes named Eagle County, Colorado, as one of its five-perfect turnkey rental spots for remote workers.

What do you think about this new pandemic travel trend? Have you thought about taking a flexcation? Where in Colorado would be your ideal place to work and play for a while? Give us the scoop in the comments.