If you're one of the "brave" few, cheap flights and cruises await.

PLEASE NOTE: This article was written and published before the closure of the Disney theme parks, Washington, D.C., museums, and other attractions across the U.S. and world. It was also written before cruise ship companies canceled their trips. Please don't send us hate mail. Please take the article with a grain of salt and remember that nobody can predict the future. And reminisce back to the good ol' days, earlier this month, when our lives weren't yet thrown out of whack. ✌️

If you're under 50 years old, the fatality risk for coronavirus drops to .4% or less. That means that yes, getting sick with a fever and cough would suck, but it's likely not the end of your world. 

So why not take this opportunity to expand your world? While everyone else is in panic mode and staying home, you could actually score some really good travel deals! Here's what we found when we went looking online for discounted travel opportunities.

Fly Somewhere—Almost Anywhere—for Cheap

Roundtrip flights are actually insanely low at the moment. For instance, roundtrip airfare between Denver and Washington, D.C., would run you $66 if you booked it for next week. There's no guarantee that tourist attractions (like the Smithsonian museums) won't close, but there are plenty of other attractions to check out in the great outdoors.

Here's some proof:

cheap flight

Meanwhile, cross-country roundtrip airfare from D.C. to Anaheim, California, is $141:

cheap flight

And to go from Denver to Orlando, it would cost you $97 roundtrip. THIS is the time to go to Disney World.

cheap flight

Speaking of Disney ... Lines Will Be Short. (Whoops, nevermind. Disney's closed.)

As people stay quarantined at home (whether warranted or not), theme parks are bound to be less congested. 

Take a Cruise (Whoops, nevermind. Some cruise companies canceled their cruises.)

My parents said they scored a cheap cruise during the swine flu hysterics, and coronavirus seems to be no different.

Royal Caribbean is advertising cruises as low as $149. Princess Cruise Lines is offering a three-day cruise off the coast of Australia for $119.

cruise deals

Courtesy of Princess

You'd still need to purchase airfare to western Australia, but honestly, it's hard to beat prices like these all around. I'm going to start thinking ahead and booking some travel for the rest of this year!

In no way is OCN minimizing the coronavirus. We're just stating what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended: that if you're at higher risk, you should avoid crowds and travel. If you're at low risk, why not take advantage of some travel opportunities? Ultimately, however, the choice is yours.

We want to know what you think! Are you afraid to travel right now? Do you consider yourself low-risk or high-risk, and how is that affecting your day-to-day decisions? Tell us in the comments!