The new feature is available now on Smart TVs with the Netflix app.

If you’re one of those people who can never decide what to watch on TV, Netflix has a way to help. The streaming platform has just launched “Play Something,” a new feature that uses an algorithm to select a program for the viewer. Just like the shuffle button on your audio player, you can keep pressing next until you find something you like. The new feature is being introduced first on Smart TVs and will be rolled out to mobile apps shortly.

One of the most common complaints about streaming services like Netflix is the overwhelming amount of content. Some people spend more time scrolling to find content than they do actually watching a movie or tv show. The company spent more than two years testing the program including a beta program with active users. Netflix already has menus that 1. feature programs you recently watched, 2. top 10 programs of the day, 3. continue watching, and 4. categories based on your history. But scrolling through programs can be monotonous and difficult depending on what platform you are using. Netflix hopes “Play Something” will take the guesswork out of finding something to watch and solve arguments in front of the TV.

"Play Something" suggests content by looking at the shows and movies you have already watched. If you don’t like what Netflix chooses, simply press “Play Something Else” and it will move on to the next suggestion. The feature will also present shows and movies you’re in the middle of watching, something from your list or series you haven’t quite finished. Subscribers can find "Play Something" in three places: 1. the navigation menu on the left of the screen, 2. below your profile name, or 3. tenth row of the Netflix homepage.

Is this new concept ingenious or foolish? Share your thoughts in the comments.