A Ferris wheel ride and a haunted house? Keep reading to find out the dating adventures in Episode 8! (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

Tayshia's had a fun ride for the first few weeks as The Bachelorette, but that fun came to an end last week when we saw a much more stern side of her. Drama continues to build in the bachelor pad after Noah complained to Tayshia, but she's having none of it! There's also a guest host from The Bachelorette Season 12, Jo Jo Fletcher—Chris Harrison is on his way to drop off his son at college in Texas. Alright, let's dig-in!

The episode kicks-off with Tayshia brunching with Jo Jo Fletcher, and she confesses that she's falling in love with several of the men. Jo Jo gives her some much-needed advice about not getting into her head too much and taking each day at a time.

Back at the bachelor pad, Zach C. gets the one-on-one date card. Tayshia and Zach spend the day dressing up in tuxedos and wedding gowns taking pretend "wedding day" photos. That evening, they share a romantic dinner by candlelight, and Zach C. opens up about his troubled past. He reveals that he had been in and out of rehab when he was younger and also suffered from a brain tumor right after college. He got married young and divorced within a year. Tayshia appreciates Zach C. for opening up to her and graces him with a rose at the end of their dinner. After dinner, the two share a lovely Ferris wheel ride.

Group Date #1: Emotional Art Challenge 

On this group date, the men's artistic skills are put to the test! But, Tayshia's looking for more than just artistic skills, she's looking for vulnerability. First, the men are asked to sketch a picture of a live nude couple embracing. Tayshia picks a chair next to Noah, and Bennett kicks Noah out of his seat! Throughout the rest of the art-making process, Bennett and Noah make snarky remarks at each other, which Tayshia makes note of, but doesn't say anything about it at the moment.

After the live sketching, the men were asked to use modeling clay while blindfolded to create something that represented their time with Tayshia.

For the last challenge, the men created self-portraits and shared something personal about their lives. The men dug really deep, and Tayshia was so overwhelmed with emotion that she ran backstage to cry. 

Initially, she was supposed to pick one winner from the challenge, but she asked that all the men join her for the date because she was so grateful for their honesty and openness. While she was whisked away by several of the bachelors for some alone time, Bennett and Noah continue to argue over Noah's suitability for Tayshia and his maturity level.

When Tayshia returns, she gives the rose to Ben, but she ends the conversation letting Bennett and Noah know that she is aware of their tension and will be "getting to the bottom of it, one way or another."

One-on-one Date: Haunted House

Eazy is the lucky bachelor to get the next one-on-one date card, and he was so excited that he was smiling from ear to ear! The pair spend time in a haunted house screaming as zombie-like characters jump from each corner. The two share lots of laughs and seem to have a wonderful time. During the dinner, Eazy confesses to Tayshia that he's falling in love with her ... pause for dramatic effect. Sparks are NOT flying for Tayshia, and she quietly tells him that she does not feel the same way. Surprisingly, she immediately sends him home in the limo. As Eazy drives away, he gives his dashboard-cam confessional with tear-filled eyes. 


Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony

Jo Jo visits the men at the bachelor pad to let them know the cocktail party has been delayed due to Tayshia's concerns about the tension between Bennett and Noah. As a result, both Bennett and Noah are to meet Tayshia before the party so that Tayshia can decide which bachelor will stay and which bachelor will go home. Of course, the editors didn't show us the ending of that discussion, so we'll have to wait another week to see who was kicked off the show and the next rose ceremony. 

Who's Left:

  • Spencer
  • Noah
  • Ivan
  • Ed
  • Blake M.
  • Bennett
  • Brendan
  • Demar
  • Riley
  • Zac C.
  • Ben

Yikes! We're down to the final 11 already, and we're stressed with the way things were left between Bennett and Noah. Which bachelor do you think Tayshia will send home? Who do you think will make it to the end? Let us know in the comments below!