The rose ceremony’s canceled again, and Tayshia’s got her hands full with a couple of new additions! (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

In this episode, We pick up right where we left off—at the cocktail party! And, the men are patiently waiting for the new bachelorette to enter. Tayshia walks in, and the bachelors are blown away with her stunning beauty!

She begins the night explaining that she understands what it’s like to be in their position and admits she is nervous because she’s never been in this position before. She asks for the opportunity to get to know them and hopes they don’t close off from her.



Ivan is the first to steal her away from the guys to chat with her and lets her know he’s here to give one hundred percent. Next, Riley steals her away by the fountain, and they talk about their upbringings and what they both do for a living. Jordan C. tells Tayshia that he wasn’t even sure he was going to stay, but he’s so excited she was here and changed his mind to stay. Blake also admits that it will take him some time to open up, but he asks for Tayshia’s patience with him. Jason admits he’s not over Clare, but he’s excited to stay and see where things go with Tayshia.

Then, we get some facetime with Brendan (Honestly, who is this guy?). Chris interrupts an intimate conversation with Brendan and Tayshia and pulls her away to let her know that there are more men coming!

Here are the new additions to the bachelor pad:

  1. Spencer/Water Treatment Engineer/La Jolla, CA
  2. Montel/Gym Owner/Boston, MA
  3. Peter/Real Estate Owner/Framingham, MA
  4. Noah/Registered Travel Nurse/Tulsa, OK


Out of the new bachelors on the block, Spencer seems to rub the OG crew of bachelors the wrong way. When Tayshia returns to the cocktail party, Spencer is the first to cut in front of the other men (who have been waiting all night to talk to Tayshia) and that adds more fuel to the fire. Zac and Tayshia toss coins into the fountain and make wishes that they promise to tell each other one day. Ben and Tayshia play cornhole together. Noah reveals he’s a twin and also has a total of 11 siblings.

At the end of the night, the first impression rose went to (drum roll, please) pretty boy Spencer, the number one guy the old bachelors love to hate! After that, it was time for the rose ceremony. But, PLOT TWIST, Tayshia cancels the rose ceremony because she wants to continue to get to know all the guys.

Next, we see shocking previews of the remainder of the season with Tayshia crying in multiple scenes. Of course, the producers leave us hanging and switch to Chris Harrison in the studio with Clare and Dale. Chris asks once and for all if Dale and Clare talked before the show started, and they both vehemently deny that they did.

Group Date #1:

It’s a new day at the bachelor pad, and Chris drops off the first group date card. The lucky bachelors to go on a first date with the new bachelorette are Blake, Riley, Zac C., Jordan, Noah, Peter, Kenny, Jay, Eazy, and Spencer. The date card read, “Here’s to a second shot at love.” On this group date, the bachelors split into two teams to play a game of splash ball with a date night with Tayshia on the line. Of course, this means the bachelors get pretty aggressive and during the course of play, Spencer is accidentally hit in the mouth and begins to bleed. But, that doesn’t stop Spencer from helping the blue team end the game victoriously!



At the evening cocktail hour, Kenny calls Spencer out, stating that he is coming off as a not-so-friendly guy (Okay, maybe Kenny used a few more colorful words, but were keeping it G-rated here!). Kenny explained that the bachelors aren’t here to be friends, but they do have to live together and deserve some level of respect. In the end, the group date rose went to Eazy!

Later that night, Jason breaks down crying and decides to go home because he’s not over Clare. He goes to Tayshia’s room to let her know where he’s at emotionally and leaves the set.

One-on-one date:

Brendan and Tayshia have a horseback ride through the resort, and Chris hands them a margarita on one side of the resort and then uses his motorized segway to get to the other end of the resort to hand them ice cream. During Brendan’s camera confessional, he admits he was a little annoyed that Chris kept popping up everywhere, which kind of killed the romantic vibe.



But, not to worry, Brendan! He ended up getting his romantic moment in the pool with Tayshia after their long horseback ride. That night, while at dinner, Brendan opened up about his divorce and found solace in knowing that Tayshia went through a similar experience. They end the night feeling a little more relaxed knowing they have something deeper to bond over, and sparks fly during their own private fireworks show!



It seems like Tayshia is having an awesome time so far and has started to bond with several of the bachelors. Who do you think seems like the best fit for her so far? Let us know in the comments below!