Clare explores the bachelors' love languages, and things get a little steamy! (Warning: spoilers ahead)

After last week's previews, we were guaranteed to have an interesting ride during Season 16, Episode 2 of The Bachelorette, featuring Clare Crawley. (And, boy, did things get heated in this episode.) 



Group Date #1 

The episode jumped right into the first Group Date card that read, “I’m looking for a guy that speaks to my heart.” The lucky bachelors invited to the first group date were Riley, Yosef, Jordan, Ben, Bennet, Zach C., Zach J., and Dale. For this date, the men explored different love languages with Clare. First, they gave her words of affirmation as she stood in the stone tower. While these men were professing their love, the rest of the bachelors had some bromance time together at the pool. Unexpectedly, the bachelors from the group date came running by the pool back toward their rooms (Dale even ripped his pants from running so fast!). We then learned that the men were rushing to find a gift to give to Clare to explore the second love language, gift-giving. Thoughtful gifts were given, including a signed baseball, a chess piece, a book, a favorite t-shift, and perfume for her dogs. 

To explore the third love language, physical touch, the bachelors and Clare were blindfolded and one by one got to hug and touch Clare. Finally, the bachelors explored quality time with Clare. Except, no one was jumping up and down to talk with her except for Bennet. Clare had to stop her one-on-one time with Bennet because she wanted to clear the air with the guys and let them know how she was offended by their lack of reaction and enthusiasm. This is where the bromance started to fall apart—Yosef tried to speak for the group and Riley did not appreciate someone else speaking on his behalf. In a heartfelt dialogue, Riley made it clear to Yosef that he should never speak on his behalf again. During their heated discussion, Dale whisked Clare away and reiterated his strong feelings for her. At the end of the group date, Riley won Clare over and received the group date rose.  



One-on-One Date: 

Jason from Arlington, Virginia, was the lucky bachelor to receive a one-on-one date card from Clare which stated, “Love will set us free.” During the date, Jason and Clare had therapeutic exercises and talks regarding the hurtful things they’ve been told and believed about themselves. They ceremoniously crushed those hurtful words written on stones against the rocks to rid themselves of those labels. Afterward, Jason opened up about his childhood and his fear of rejection from Clare. Clare and Jason both read personal letters written to their younger selves which revealed more about their personal struggles and fears. At the end of the date, Clare gave Jason a rose.  

Group Date #2: 

After ending on a serious note, the mood lightened up a bit when the bachelors that weren’t on the first date received a group date card (but we won’t share what was stated on the card to keep this G-rated!). The men joined Clare for a competitive game of dodgeball, but with new rules. (Plot twist, it's strip dodgeball!) The bachelors were split into two teams and every time a team lost, they had to strip off a piece of clothing. As you can imagine, the losing team hardly had anything on by the end of the game. The Blue Team had to do the walk of shame home and face an awkward encounter with Yosef who explicitly stated his disapproval of Clare and the strip dodgeball game. Back at the group date, Chasen opened up during his one-on-one time with Clare about being a loner and introvert in school. Clare empathized with Chasen because she also felt invisible in high school and didn’t go to her prom. 

Unexpectedly, Blake Moynes (who lost on the Blue Team), interrupted the group date to pull Clare aside. This upset the rest of the guys on the group date who then tried to confront Blake Moynes, but Clare politely sent them away to hear what Blake had to say.  Blake explained that he didn’t want to let losing stop him from spending time with her, which Clare appreciated, but she sent him back to his room in order to respect the men who had won the game. 

At the end of the group date, Clare sent Brandon home because he awkwardly couldn’t explain why he wanted to date her other than superficial answers such as, “you are so gorgeous.” In the end, Chasen won the group date rose.  

The Cocktail Party:

This episode, we didn’t get to see a final rose ceremony. But, during the cocktail party, Clare privately gave Blake Moynes a rose which signaled to the rest of the bachelors that all rules of engagement were off. Next week, they’ll have to step up their game and get creative! Previews of Episode 3 show Yosef yelling some harsh things about Clare, but we also see Clare firing off some strong comments as well.  

Yikes! The drama continues. What do you think about Blake Moynes breaking the rules to speak to Clare? What about Yosef and his comments about strip dodgeball? Let us know in the comments below!