Anti-aging products are the rage these days – from smoother, wrinkle-free skin and young, healthy hair, to super-fit bodies. However, according to new research, the best way to age beautifully is to do aerobics and cardio, or strength-training exercises.

If you believe you only need to work out for 45 minutes at a time, once a week, in order to stay healthy and youthful, think again. The latest research indicates that consistent cardio and strength-training workouts are what is required, whether your workout is for 5 minutes every day, several times a week, 20-50 minutes every day, or twice a week. Keeping a regular exercise routine is what is most important.

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Strength Exercises

Lifting weights and doing weight-bearing exercises strengthen the muscles and help people avoid muscle injuries. Weight-bearing exercises include walking, jogging, hiking, dancing, step aerobics, aquarobics, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, racquetball, bowling, golf, and stair climbing.

Cardio Exercises

Some exercises are both weight-bearing and cardiovascular because they increase your heart rate, such as fast-paced walking or dancing. Other exercises such as running, jogging, cycling, team sports, aerobics classes, rowing, boxing, and swimming fall into the aerobics and cardio classification.

According to, swimming and cycling are not considered weight-bearing exercises.

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Want to freshen and strengthen your brain? Then try walking, yoga, or Tai chi. Tai chi is a form of strength training for the muscles and brain because it requires slow movement and focused concentration to correctly complete the follow-through of each move. It is an excellent exercise for the elderly and over-60 population.

Tai chi is good for the heart.

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Another important aspect of exercise is that it reduces body inflammation and disease.

A study published in the journal Neurology discovered that middle-aged women who exercised consistently were 88 percent less likely to develop dementia later in life. Other studies proved that exercise increased the size of the region of the brain known as the hippocampus, the area responsible for learning and memory.

Exercise has also shown to improve the look of skin, making it smoother with fewer wrinkles.

The bottom line is this: Everyone can exercise, feel good, and improve their health and longevity. The key is to select an exercise that you truly enjoy.

What do you think? What kinds of exercises do you do to maintain your youth? Tell us in the comments!