These vitamins promote better circulation and stronger capillaries along with reducing inflammation.

If there's one thing that COVID-19 has done well, it's to keep us in one place. With all the remote work, Netflix binging, online classes, and other sedentary activities that have overtaken our regular routines, we're not exactly as mobile as we used to be. Whether we realize it or not, our legs are suffering from this new lifestyle. To help combat the negative effects of a decrease in physical activity, there are vitamins that help give your legs some much-needed love.

Vitamin B-3


Also known as niacin, this vitamin helps to prevent blood clotting and improves circulation. Vitamin B-3 can be found in meats, fish, milk, eggs, and green vegetables.

Vitamin K


Vitamin K acts as an anticoagulant and has the added benefit of strengthening your capillaries. With stronger capillaries, this means that your veins have a decreased likelihood of breaking or bulging. Foods rich in Vitamin K include leafy greens, green vegetables, fish, meat, and eggs.

Vitamin C


While Vitamin C is our go-to for staving off colds, it also supports better overall blood circulation and keeps veins strong. If you need a hefty dose of Vitamin C, add red and green peppers, oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, broccoli, strawberries, and Brussels sprouts to your diet. 

Vitamin E


Suffering from pesky leg cramps? Put them to rest with help from Vitamin E. Vitamin E also has the added benefit of keeping platelets from sticking together which can cause blood clots. Foods with a high presence of Vitamin E include sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, avocados, squash, and olive oil.

If your diet prohibits certain foods with these vitamins, taking an oral supplement is always a good option. 

Know of any other great vitamins for supporting leg health? Let us know in the comments!