Greenwood Village's premier health club strives to be "the best part of your day".

In the span of a few months, COVID-19 managed to erode my sanity, increase my waistline, and heighten my anxiety. Just when I thought all hope was lost, gyms began to open back up and I found myself in the wellness facility known as Club Greenwood. Club Greenwood boasts an ample selection of weights and machines along with fitness classes, yoga, swimming pools, tennis courts, and more that all made the agonizing days of quarantine feel like a distant memory.

Thankfully, Club Greenwood takes sanitization measures very seriously, which put my mind at ease when it came to working out around other people of various age groups. Aside from the masks and hand sanitizer stations, it was like COVID-19 never happened. To make matters sweeter, the Club's day spa, Ethereal, is also open for business. To say I didn't indulge in a post-quarantine pamper session (or three) would be a bald-faced lie.

les mills workout

To break the bad eating habits I picked up during quarantine, I'm thankful to have been able to visit with the on-site nutritionist who helped me create customized meal plans that were right for my needs. COVID-19 may have thrown me (and just about everyone else on the planet) for a loop, but the experienced professionals at Club Greenwood worked to get me back on track and I can't thank them enough for helping me to rebuild my wellness regimen.

Club Greenwood truly has something for everyone—even kiddos—which means you can safely spend an entire day there and not do the same activity twice. All year long there is something to do and when I began going in the summer I was over the moon to loll poolside after a particularly brutal workout. Sometimes it's not enough to go it alone when it comes to establishing (or re-establishing, in my case) healthy habits and Club Greenwood knows it.

Their slogan, "the best part of your day" rings true with every visit. No matter what is going on in your life—COVID-19 frustration, spouse or children running wild, or a draining day of remote work—Club Greenwood is a getaway that restores mind, body, and soul. When I ask anyone inside the facility if they feel that their membership at Club Greenwood is worth it, I'm always met with a "yes!" 

So if you're looking to dial yourself back in healthwise or start a wellness routine, trust Club Greenwood to help get you there with activities that are right for you.