Here's why you shouldn't do the latest TikTok trend ...

There have been many trends to come out of TikTok—from vampire fangs to whipped coffee, and everything else in between—but the most recent trend has some health officials concerned. This trend sees users freezing honey bottles, then squeezing out the contents and eating it all like a popsicle.

Check out the video below to get an idea of how this "challenge" works:


Reply to @angel1738490 This is Frozend Overnight Honey with a little bit of ASMR #asmr #asmrsounds #frozenhoney #ice

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Now, it's not that honey is bad for you (in its regular form or frozen), but it's more about the amount of frozen honey that's being digested in a single sitting.

Registered dietitian Amy Gorin, MS, RDN told People, "With eating excess amounts of honey, side effects can range from tummy aches on the short-term, to increased risk of cavities and increased disease risk on the longer-term end. This is due to the heightened added sugar intake."

Gorin added, "Many TikTok trends get attention because they're so over the top. Never would I ever, as a registered dietitian nutritionist, encourage anyone to participate in a honey-eating challenge or a cinnamon-eating challenge, or a water-drinking challenge. Too much of any healthy food can have really serious side effects."

Sarah Rueven, a dietitian, told The New York Times that eating a large amount of honey in one sitting can lead to stomach aches and diarrhea.

While the origins of the TikTok trend are not clear, we do know that one of the earliest videos of frozen honey to grace the app came from @daveyrz, who posted his video on July 11. The video has since received more than 24 million views. Take a look:


honey jelly without the honey ##experiment

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Did you participate in the frozen honey TikTok trend? What do you think the next viral trend will be? Leave a comment below.