September 22 brings you Hobbit Day and a great excuse to go for a run!

Tolkien and running nerds, unite! Sunday, September 22, is not only Frodo and Bilbo Baggins' birthday, but also race day for the fourth annual Hobbit Day races!

What's a Virtual Race?

Moon Joggers brings 5Ks, 10Ks, one-milers, you name it, right to you all year long. Not sure what a virtual race is? Check out my breakdown here, but I'll give you a quick explanation. Register on the website. (For Hobbit Day, you can save 5 percent on registration costs on the Moon Joggers' website!) Pick your distance, your course, and just go for it. Be sure to log your time and share a selfie with your bib and medal that Moon Joggers mailed to you online!

Hobbit Day Race Details

In honor of Hobbit Day, grab your fellowship and lace up those kicks! It doesn't have to be exactly on September 22—in fact, it can be any day in September. You can wait until your bib and medal ship. Shipments began in mid-August, but are continuing every 2 to 5 days from your registration after that. But why would you want to run the Hobbit race on any day other than Bilbo and Frodo's birthday?! That's the whole reason behind your very Hobbit-themed medal!


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The medal features a drawing of and quote from Gandalf! You can also see little shadows of the fellowship, including our very favorite hobbits! If you really want to get into it you can also order a limited-edition and customizable t-shirt! Or if you're sick of accumulating t-shirts after races, make it a hoodie!

A portion of registration costs of the virtual races Moon Joggers organizes always go toward a selected charity, making these races beneficial for your personal health and our community. Registration for the races on Hobbit Day is $20 and includes your medal and race bib, but 15 percent is going to be donated to Be the Match. September is not only two famous hobbits' birthdays, but it is also a month dedicated to leukemia and lymphoma awareness. Every little bit counts toward nailing down a cure and helping the National Marrow Donation program facilitate and organize transplants through their marrow registry.

The charities Moon Joggers works with differ by race, so if hobbits aren't your thing, be sure to explore the other upcoming races for a fun twist on running or a cause you feel passionate about!

As always, be sure to fuel up before you go for your run. But since this is a race in honor of hobbits, I think you can treat yourself to breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, or supper depending on whenever you decide to go out for your race!

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