You may feel like you're dying, but cardio can actually help you live longer.

With COVID-19 still on what feels like a never-ending rampage, maybe you're considering your own mortality a little bit more often than you'd like. I know I have. It's hard to see news headlines every single day about how many people the world has lost to the pandemic. And with other stressors coming to a head, we're seeing more and more headlines these days about death. It's never a fun topic or a pleasant read, so let's change the subject real quick.

Guess what! Cardio exercises can help you live longer. And while a lot of us may not like or might even hate (oh, my aching heart!) cardio, it may be just the thing we need to incorporate into our daily lives right now for the sake of our own reassurance and overall bodily health.

But not all cardio is created equal. While all cardio is good for your health, not all workouts are sustainable for your body in the long run (ha, get it?!). So you may find that your muscles and lungs are stronger than ever doing that tabata workout, as you age, your bones might not support something quite that strenuous. And if you're in your 50s trying to force yourself to do a painful high intesity interval workout, you may be doing more damage than good.

Here's where low-impact workouts become your best friend. If you're young and think you don't like the low-impact options, it may behoove you to find one to get into the habit of turning to on a semi-regular basis. Age, wear, and tear catch up with us all eventually, so check out this list to start thinking about exercises that will last you through the long haul!

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