Does anyone actually like sunscreen?

Last week, we talked about ways to avoid overheating during your summer workout, so to continue with summer workout safety, let's talk about the big one: sunscreen.

I have to admit that I am completely 100 percent guilty of cutting out greasing up with the stuff before a run. It's oily, it's smelly, and it gives you weird tan lines if you miss a spot. But here's the thing: I am also completely 100 percent at fault when my back blisters over because I sat in a singlet on a baking track for the better part of the day. I've been outside during a track meet and burned every bit of exposed skin on my body. That includes between the racing splits in the track shorts and my eyelids. My eyelids. I have a permanent racerback tattoo that is absolutely radiant in halter top swimsuits at the pool.

Needless to say, I've been on a hunt of the best kind of athletic sunscreen out there. My requirements? One that doesn't sting your eyes when you sweat, a high SPF, and minimal greasiness. I also like one that's easy to apply because I am NOT turning to the stranger next to me at the start line and asking them to spread some on my back. This basically leaves me with two options: a sunscreen spray and a sunscreen stick. But whatever your preference, check this list out to see if you can find something you like:

1. Lightweight and gentle on your skin:

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch. I've used this one on my face, and I have to say, I was impressed. It doesn't feel like much more than a moisturizer, and I didn't experience it dripping into my eyes mid-race. The downside is (and one of the reasons I used it on just my face) is that it comes in a small bottle. I'd be afraid to run out of it in one use if I was generously slathering up. They make a body mist, too!

2. One I'm interested in:

Ocean Potion Dab-On Spot Stick. It's made specifically for those hard-to-reach but ULTRA burnable spots like the part in your hair or hairline. And don't forget those ears! Those are quick to get crispy. Maybe this would have saved my eyelids way back when, too.

3. A classic:

Coppertone Sport is basically in every drug store there is, come summertime. I like it because it's cheap, and it works. They have a spray version, too.

4. My own recommendation:

BullFrog makes great sunscreen products (and Deet-free bug repellant, too!). I first heard about BullFrog from my grandfather. The man swore by it, and he used to be pretty anti-sunscreen before using this stuff. He had a run-in with skin cancer and started to take sun protection seriously. Good thing, too, since, in his healthy days, he spent mornings on Cape Cod walking a couple miles down to the beach, swimming along the coastline, and then walking back home. Then he was in the garden for the rest of the day. The man needed sun protection that wasn't going to wimp out when it came to water and sweat. Enter: BullFrog.

No matter how you feel about sunscreen, there's a lot to choose from out there from environmentally mineral-based formulas, tinted sunscreens, and chemical powerhouses. So this summer, be sure to bite the bullet and grease up!

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