We asked you, "Is there anything you will miss about wearing masks?" And your answers made us cry (from laughing too hard).

As the COVID fog continues to lift, so do the mask-wearing guidelines. Albeit, the guidelines may be a bit confusing, there's no doubt the era of 100% mask-wearing is coming to a close. So, we took to Instagram and polled our community on: Is there anything you will miss about wearing masks? This is what you all had to say:

  • Don't have to worry about something being stuck in your teeth
  • Don't have to wax your upper lip as often 
  • Covers wrinkles
  • Keeps your face warm on cold days
  • Keeps others' bad breath at bay

  • Provides extra protection to the common cold and other sicknesses
  • Hides yawning and belching 
  • Talk to yourself without anyone noticing (one of our favorites!)
  • Makeup isn't required
  • Allergies get some relief
  • Dirty looks, cursing, and resting bitch face are concealed

Share in the comments what you'll miss about wearing masks. 

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