If you're worried about cleanliness standards post-coronavirus, there's one local gym that takes cleanliness to a whole new level.

Gyms being shutdown during COVID-19 was nothing short of frustrating for men and women who keep a regular fitness regimen. Having a non-home, non-work space to generate endorphins and relieve stress is part of keeping a healthy work/life balance. Now that gyms all over the country are slowly reopening, this can make fitness lovers a little squeamish at the thought of just how gym managers are maintaining a clean workout space. 

One such facility, Zone Athletic Clubs, has made a significant amount of changes in cleaning protocols. Using a new Code of Conduct for both members and employees, this fitness center has raised the bar in terms of responsible behavior and cleanliness. 

zone athletic club cleaning

Conduct rules include but aren't limited to:

  • Temperature checks at the front desk for members and employees
  • An increase in the number of cleaning stations in the facility
  • If an employee or gym member is not feeling well, coughing in the facility and/or visibly not well, they will be asked to leave
  • Locker rooms will be used for restroom use only 
  • Staff will clean the facility every 30 minutes with a strong disinfectant
  • All group fitness classes and cycle classes will have limited capacity and proper spacing during the workouts

We may be slowly getting to our new "normal", but it's comforting to know of a fitness center that's taking immense measures to keep everyone in their facility healthy and safe. While we have a long way to go before sanctions are loosened up, we can all agree to just be glad to get back to a gym.