Let's bring back the excitement to movie night with these quick tips.

How does one make the mundane special? We're set to find out! The last year has found more individuals, couples, and families sitting more in front of the TV binge-watching shows and streaming movies. What used to be special has become more common.

Let's mix it up a bit. Take some time and effort to transform your movie night into something more memorable ... something special. You can pick and choose a few ideas to implement, or you can go for the gold and nail all five of these tips tonight.

The idea is to have fun. Work together coming up with ideas and how to implement an epic movie night right in the comfort of your living room.

Skip the Popcorn

While it's easy to grab a bag of microwave popcorn and head to the living room, that's not what tonight is about. Tonight is for mixing things up, trying new things, and having a blast making movie night special. Especially if you're heading out to a Redbox kiosk (see below), you can also stop by the store to pick out snacks you've never tried or favorites you haven't had in a while.

We did some searching for you. Try a movie night snack board, beer cheese dip, and homemade pretzel bites, or caramel apple nachos

Choose a DVD

We're not talking about going totally retro and finding a Blockbuster movie rental, but this is a no-stream and no-scroll kind of night. Dust off the boxes of DVDs you own and pull out a classic. Or, head to your nearest Redbox and select a newer feature for a reasonable rental rate. As you're searching for just the right flick, consider choosing a film outside your typical genre. If you're a sci-fi buff, watch a romantic comedy. If you're all about drama, consider slapstick comedy. Enjoy the anticipation and the extra time it takes to select a DVD.

Build a Fort

You read that right. No couches allowed! Have a blast channeling your inner-child as you set up an epic fort in your living room. Grab pillows, blankets, curtain rods, tables, and anything else you need to create an architectural masterpiece. Having trouble thinking of fort ideas? We've got you covered. Check out these tips on building a blanket fort. Be sure everyone has a comfy spot with the TV in plain view.

Take an Intermission

Before you sit down to watch the movie, set a timer for 45 minutes or an hour into the movie. When the timer goes off, take an intermission. Let everyone use the restroom, refill drinks and snacks, and stretch. You can even go crazy and take a jogging lap around the block to get your blood pumping. Flick the lights on and off as a two-minute warning that the movie will resume. When everyone is ready, turn the movie back on with a boisterous announcement that the show is about to resume.

Review the Show

As an homage to Siskel & Ebert, grab microphones (or something resembling microphones) and offer a review of the movie. Be creative and allow your group to be as serious or as silly as you'd like. Engage each viewer with open-ended questions. Which character did you most identify with? If you were to direct the movie, which scene would you have cut? In the spirit of "choose your own adventure," create an alternate ending to the movie. What life lesson can you learn from watching this film? Which character would completely annoy you in real life? You get the idea. Enjoy sharing what you liked and would change about the movie.

What did you watch at your last movie night? What tips should we add to our list? Tell us in the comments below.