Fill your home with the sweet smell of Oreo cookies without opening a single sleeve.

Sweet treats have long been popular in the candle department with scents such as cinnamon rolls, blueberry pie, and Yankee Candle’s Santa’s Cookies. Then there are the candles that feature scents like burgers, chicken, and bacon for those who like the really unique scents. 

Following this trend for food-scented candles, everybody’s favorite chocolate wafer and crème-filled cookie, and milk’s favorite dipping partner, just went to the home décor side of the store. Oreo is now selling a cookie-scented candle that will make you want to dunk it in a glass of milk. We don't advise doing that, though. 

oreo candle
Courtesy of OREO

The stylish black glass jar has an outline of the iconic cookie in white. It sells for $12.99 on the Oreo website. You can also check out recipes for delicious treats like Oreo cookie bark, cake pops, layer cakes, s'mores, and cheesecake. 

Made by Nabisco, Oreo cookies come in a wide variety of flavors and styles like Thins, Double Stuf, minis, the upcoming gluten-free variety, and specialty flavors like gingerbread, lemon, mint, and maple creme. I’m partial to lemon, myself.

Looking for other things to go along with your Oreo cookie candle? There are all sorts of other Oreo merchandise for you or the cookie lover in your life. How about an Oreo cookie embossed pillow, logo Pop Sockets, milk-dipped cookie socks, or a “Twist, Lick, and Dunk” pillow featuring a cookie with a splash of milk? There’s also the traditional t-shirts and hats.

Have you scored an Oreo cookie candle yet? What’s your favorite scent in candles? Let us know in the comments.