The latest viral challenge has the Twitterverse transfixed with finding the feline.

Kate Hinds is a New York-based journalist working for WNYC public radio and an avid Twitter user. She is also a cat owner and decided to post a picture of the feline on Twitter last week, asking her followers if they could find the cat in the snap of her well-stacked bookcase.

Called the "Find the Cat" challenge, it's taken over Twitter. In fact, the photo has generated over 231,000 likes and has been retweeted 52,000 times, at the time of this writing.

Before we go any further, take a minute and look for yourself—how fast can you find the cat?

Some followers are completely baffled, only finding the answer after hours of looking, while others claim to have found it in seconds. Many cat owners report their cats finding similar spots to hide. 

Still, others refuse to accept the answer and question if there's more than one cat in the picture ... Some folks even seem certain that Hinds has a few live mice scampering about the impressive bookcase.

Hinds did eventually reveal where her cat was hiding. She has since posted a few more "Find the Cat" challenge photos in the days since and inspired many to share pictures of their own furry friends—and we're totally fine with that, to be honest. The world always needs more cat pics, as far as we are concerned, and looking for cats in photos is actually rather relaxing. 

How long did it take you to find the cat in these pictures? Give us the scoop and share pictures of your feline friends' favorite hiding spots in the comments. 

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