If "the second time around" or even "the third time's a charm" rings true to you ...

We know this is a thing: divorce and remarriage. Our next-door neighbor, our child's teacher, our co-worker–we all know them and we may be one of them who fall into these categories. If you're content being single or found the balance between companionship and independence, kudos! But if you're dating to find the one, or engaged and just waiting for the right time to get married, it's never too late to make your second (or third) marriage the ceremony you actually wanted your first one to be (minus your first spouse–thank goodness!).

According to the United States Census Bureau (2015), approximately 21% of recent marriages involved both spouses marrying for at least the second time, and there was an increase in second, third, and more times for women 50 years and older and men 60 years and older. 

Okay, so maybe we're a little bit older this time around with some gray hair, children, or grandchildren, but marrying a healthier and more compatible spouse is something to be celebrated in both big and small ways. This is a great time to evaluate what you both want this time around and ensure that your ceremony sets the tone for your lifelong marital bliss (fingers crossed). And perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that there are no rules.

According to Brides, here are some things to consider as you plan your second wedding:

Make It as Big or as Small as You Want

There's a misconception that your second wedding should be small and intimate. But whoever likes the word should? Want a small quiet wedding with just your kids or close family present, or want a huge bash with a guest list as long as your ex's undesirable qualities? Book that destination wedding, schedule the appointment with the justice of the peace, or place a down payment for that incredible wedding venue you always wanted. Good news—it's up to you!

Wear Anything You Want

The only rule we'd like to set in place is that you don't wear your old wedding gown, but outside of that rule, there are none! Wanna wear white? The adage of a "white wedding" has been long put to rest. Wear your favorite color (non-bridal), pantsuit (ladies), flip flops (ditch the heels), full-on white wedding gown, or a change of outfits to accommodate all of these choices.

Register Away

Now, you can actually get the toaster that you wanted on the registry from the first time around, or if you both feel like you're adequately covered in the appliances arena, go ahead and register for a cash registry (you still need to send the kids to college!).

Second chances (and third chances), well, they're a thing, too! Find what works best this time around and here's hoping it'll be the last trip down the aisle!

Are you planning a second (or third) wedding? Share your tips and tricks in the comments.