From drinking beer to surfing a good wave, Hampton Roads is the place to hang tight. 

Change is inevitable and scary, especially when you move -- but that's why I think you should consider moving to Hampton Roads. Whether it's for retirement, a new place to explore, or because you are being stationed here, Hampton Roads is a lot of fun! If you're looking for a place that has it all, this is the place for you!

Here are 8 things you learn when you move to Hampton Roads:

Our Beaches Do Not Disappoint

We have several beaches located all over Hampton Roads. The two most popular (Sandbridge and the Oceanfront) are located in Virginia Beach about 15 minutes from each other.

The Weather Cannot Make Up Its Mind

As if it's not already annoying in the summertime when tourists are around, the weather here is completely unpredictable. We once experienced all four seasons in one week—I'm not kidding! I had to wear a t-shirt/shorts and a winter coat two days apart—ask any local. 

We Are a Military Community

We are a military proud community because there is a military base in almost every city within Hampton Roads (two of them in Virginia Beach alone). We have every branch of the military here, too, which is a pretty big deal. When it comes to the men and women serving our country, we are loud and proud!

military saluting the flag

Courtesy of Military OneSource

Jet Noise = Home

When you move to Virginia Beach, you will hear a lot of jet noise. You'll slowly grow used to it, and eventually, it will end up as background noise. OceanaBase is located 10 minutes from the oceanfront, so that part of the city ends up living within close proximity of the rumbling sound. Every summer Oceana Base holds an air show that is quite impressive. 


Courtesy of Jeff Moore

We LOVE Beer

We love beer so much that the breweries in Hampton Roads celebrate National Beer Day every year on April 7. Just drive along the oceanfront, Shore Drive, or make your way around Norfolk, and you'll find that there is a bar on almost every corner. First up on your list to check out should be Pleasure House Brewing and Bold Mariner Brewing Company.

Summers Are Crazy ... to Say the Least

Tourist, tourists, tourists! Locals avoid the beach during the summertime (unless they really want to go) because it's a madhouse—tourists everywhere! Summer is the oceanfront's favorite time of the year because that's when they make most of their money!


Courtesy of TripSavvy

We Have 7 Surrounding Cities

If you thought this place was small, think again! Each city is a little different than the other, offering a unique experience so that when you visit you feel like you're "away from home"—but they're all within an hour of each other! 

Hampton Toads map

Courtesy of VEER Magazine

We Have Lots of Incredible Art and Performing Arts Venues

We have several well-known art museums and performing venues—The Chrysler Museum of Art (Norfolk), Sandler Center for Performing Arts (Virginia Beach), and The Norfolk Theatre, just to name a few. Don't worry: we have TONS of concerts here, too! 


What other things have you learned after moving here? Do you love living in Hampton Roads? Let us know in the comments below!