The bear sure did a number on the inside of this car.

Bears and cars are not a great combination, as a car owner from Colorado Springs learned late last week when a bear managed to get inside their car and become trapped. The bear destroyed in the interior of the car—and thankfully, the driver was not in the vehicle. Wildlife officers were called, and once they were able to open the door, the bear escaped, unharmed.

Pictures shared on Twitter by Colorado Parks & Wildlife show the destruction the bear caused inside the car as it tried to get out:

Bears are attracted to smells; they have a nose that is 100 times more sensitive than humans and can smell food five miles away. Anything with a strong or discernable fragrance can be tempting; perfumed wipes, lotions, snacks, groceries, pet food, etc., all attract the bears, which are out looking for food before hibernation season.

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Check out this video of a bear taking down a bison in Yellowstone National Park earlier this year. Another bear video shared last week from Colorado Springs showed a bear racing a car.

When it comes to a bear versus a car showdown, most often, the bear wins.

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