The light and airy confection hit drive-thru menus next month!

Donuts and coffee are "a tale as old as time." It can be an easy breakfast for tight mornings, an indulgent treat, or a snack to enjoy any time of the day, no explanation is needed. Now you'll be able to experience it from the drive-thru, courtesy of the Golden Arches.

McDonald's is dropping Glazed Pull-Apart Donuts on their breakfast menu for a limited time, starting on September 1. According to the fast-food chain, the cloud-like confection features six mini donut pieces "coated in a delightful, sweet glaze" that can be shared among friends or yourself while you sip your morning java, preferably one of their $1 Premium Roast Coffees.

While the sentiment of sharing is sweet, we've gotta be real with you—you're probably going to inhale the whole thing in one bite!

This isn't the first time the fast-food giant has upgraded its bakery menu in the last few years. Last October, they added the Cinnamon Roll, Apple Fritter, and Blueberry Muffin to their McCafe offerings; these new items added in almost a decade and rival any major coffee chain.

Like the other bakery items, the donuts are available to order day and night, whenever the craving hits. Sadly these are limited-edition; no date was provided on how long these will stick around so you might as well enjoy them while they last!

Not a bad way to start fall, huh? What do you think? Will you be trying the Glazed Pull-Apart Donuts from McDonald's? Tell us your favorite menu item in the comments.