Put some pop in your summer with this new Cinnamon Toast Crunch treat!

After the debut of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cinnamon rolls and ice cream, General Mills is now looking to make movie history. The company has teamed up with Sam's Club to create Cinnamon Toast Crunch Popcorn, a delicious treat that'll make any movie magical.

The perfect mix of sweet and salty is already hitting shelves and can be found exclusively in all Sam's Club locations by the end of July.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Popcorn features a tasty blend of cinnamon and sugar with notes of vanilla and graham. It is sold in large 20-ounce bags for just $5.98 each and according to its description, each large bag is “glazed to perfection with real Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust.”

The popcorn will only be available to Sam's customers until the end of October; however, if you're craving the magical cinnadust, you can still get your fix. Sam's Club also released bottles of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust, which holds the magic dust that makes the cereal taste so delicious. According to the Sam's Club website, the cinnadust was still available in stores as of July 2021. Try sprinkling it on some toast, pancakes, or waffles to make your breakfast magical.

If you're a true Cinnamon Toast Crunch fan, you'll also want to check out some other previously released products such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch Coffee Creamer. Oh, and there's also a Starbucks Secret Menu item based on Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

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