Celebrate like you're back in grade school watching Saturday morning cartoons!

Who wants to slave over a hot waffle iron after mixing the batter from scratch? Waffle Crisp offers you the chance to have waffles for breakfast without the hassle. All the luscious flavors of waffles and maple syrup combine in this breakfast cereal. The crisp in Waffle Crisp will still be there even as you pour milk over the bite-sized pieces.

"We heard you... Waffle Crisp® cereal is back! With the same great taste you remember, we hope you love the return of Waffle Crisp as much as we do. Starting in January 2021, you can find Waffle Crisp at a select Walmart near you," writes Post Consumer Brands.


The beloved cereal has hit the shelves of many Walmart stores across the country. Walmart boasts both in-store shopping and online ordering. We've also found Waffle Crisp available at instacart. After being discontinued, the cereal is back as a Walmart exclusive item.

As with many packaged breakfast cereals, Waffle Crisp is relatively low in calories with the bulk of calories coming directly from sugar. Post Foods upped the nutritional value in production by adding a multivitamin-like sprinkling of vitamins and minerals.

Waffle Crisp first appeared in 1996 by Post Foods. The company then offered a lower-priced option, "Waffle Crunch," as part of a budget-friendly line of foods. Waffle Crisp was discontinued in August 2018 before its reintroduction in 2021.

Recently, more and more '90s snacks and cereals are returning to store shelves—but in the case of Dunkaroos, it's both a cereal and a snack!

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